Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I mentioned in my last post that I had been a little bit of an Easter slacker but we managed to jam some fun things in for Elle over the Easter weekend and have a great holiday.  

Friday morning Kenny and I took Elle to the park and we all just had the best time.  Kenny had mentioned driving to Birmingham and going to the zoo but Elle loves being outside and going to the park just as much if not more than anything so we decided to stay home and she was so happy.  

My sister arrived that afternoon and by that time it was kind of yucky outside so we dyed some Easter eggs!  It was a little bit stressful with a two year old but still lots of fun.
Please note Kenny's fancy egg.  He did this with the Christmas cookies too.  
He goes all in and takes it so seriously!

The rest of the weekend was spent just relaxing.  My mom came in town and we went into a few stores and out for an early dinner and some yogurt Saturday night. Then it was home to put Elle to bed and let the Easter Bunny stop by.
The beginning of Elle's Easter basket. She is obsessed with the Shoe La La book. Sleeping Beauty who is not Ariel, some new silverware and what is an Easter Basket without a chocolate bunny?
Then some finishing touches.  Some pink Keens for this summer.  I think little girl in sweet dresses and Keens are so cute.  Some baby sunglasses, M&Ms and the softest and cutest stuffed bunny with her name on the ear.  I am kind of obsessed with that bunny.

Sunday morning we all gathered around to watch Elle come out and see what the Easter Bunny brought her.  She loved everything and we put Sleeping Beauty in immediately.  That movie is a little slow. Ha! Then it was time to get ready for church. The weather was total yuck but we all managed to get into the sanctuary before it poured.
Elle checking out her goodies.
Some bunny love.  She has been sleeping with it and carrying it around. So sweet.
Trying on the new kicks.
Cuddled up watching a princess movie.
Headed out for church.  We all look a little wind blown but this picture was the best we could get before my hair started frizzing as the raindrops fell.

And because the weather was so yuck we couldn't let Elle hunt for some Easter eggs I stuffed.  So we totally had a post Easter egg hunt on Monday.  Elle was so excited and couldn't of cared less that the "official" holiday was over.  She was really good at spotting eggs and we had a lot of fun.
 Found one!

Opening it up to see what was inside.

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