Monday, December 16, 2013


Okay I know we are in the dead center of December but I have finally found some time to upload all the pictures from all the Christmas events we have been doing and get ready to be bombarded by lots and lots of Christmas posts.  

But first lets cover Thanksgiving!  This post will be pretty short because apparently I took ZERO pics.  
My mom and sister came into town the day or so before Thanksgiving.  They arrived just in time to pop into a house for sale that I found that we ended up being very interested in.  (more on that another day!) Then we headed to a home basketball game to watch the Bulldogs play.  

Thanksgiving we woke up and watched the parade and made cinnamon rolls.
Kenny and Elle goofing off in the kitchen waiting on the cinnamon rolls to bake.
She loves when he tosses her around like this.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner around 3:30 and then took power naps.  Once we woke up it was time to suit up and watch our Bulldogs play Ole Miss.  When I say suit up, I mean it.  The low for that night was 28 degrees.  We all had on so many layers, hand warmers, blankets.  Which probably explains why I don't have any pictures.  We were freezing and weren't looking that cute all bundled up.  We had a great time though!! It was fun having my mom and sister at the game with us.  Around the third quarter Elle was getting tired and I was worried about how cold she was getting so we left and headed back to the condo to finish watching the game.  Elle fell asleep on the way home so we quickly put her down and cheer on the team.  It was an extremely close game and we were thrilled to pull it off in overtime!! We all screamed at the television!! It was very intense.  

We would of liked to be there to enjoy the celebration. Honestly I really hate being cold and I was pretty okay to jump up and down in my pajamas and be very warm.  It was a wonderful ending to a nice relaxing holiday!!

This makes me laugh! Poor Ole Miss quarterback. Yay for the Bulldogs.

This one made me very happy! 

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