Thursday, March 13, 2014


Since Elle was out of school for Spring Break we decided to go to Jackson and spend a night with Kenny while he was down there for work. To Elle, staying in a hotel is so exciting. 

Upon arriving in Jackson we met up with Kenny at Corner Bakery for a lunch date. 
So excited to be on a "business trip" with Daddy! 
She was so excited about her gigantic M&M cookie. 

After lunch we headed to Miskelly. It is a one of the largest furniture stores in Mississippi and Kenny works with them on their Case Goods inventory. I wanted to do a little looking and they have a great carasouel that Elle loved. I rode it with her the first time and felt so sick afterwards that Kenny had to ride with her the other two times. Yes, we rode it three times!
Riding the carasouel. 

After Miskellys we ran by a couple other stores before checking into the hotel. 
Elle loves to stay in hotels especially because we let her jump on the beds

That night we went out for an early dinner. Elle was kind of tired and was kind of a handful but we still had fun. 
In the morning we hit up the breakfast downstairs which Elle thought was just so awesome. It really is funny how the most mundane things like traveling for business are so exciting to little kids. 
Breakfast had all her favorite foods!
A breakfast plate that could of fed the entire family. 

After breakfast we headed back up to the room to hang out before getting ready so that Kenny could head off for work and Elle and I could meet some friends from Starkville at the children's museum. 
Checking out the weather. Extremely windy that day.
Taking some phone calls. 
Okay, just being cute. 

It was a fun little overnight visit with Kenny and I know he was happy to have us. He spent the next night out too but it always helps to not be away from us too long!

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