Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Elle woke me up at 4:45 AM Thursday morning crying.  I begrudgingly climbed the stairs only to feel guilty when I found poor Elle covered in throw up.  It is a rare occurrence (while becoming more and more common) for her to throw up so I was a little unsure what to do.  She was so upset about her hair and bed being messy.  I threw her in the bathtub and gave her a nice warm bath and then set her up on a sheet covered couch with a bowl and promptly passed out nearby until 6:30 or so.
All this before 5:30 AM. 

I was afraid we were in the thick of it for at least hours.  Kenny and I weren't feeling awesome either. We were supposed to be driving to Fairhope to visit and for Mardi Gras but we were definitely on stand by.  I did continue to pack and load the car and by mid morning Elle seemed perkier than ever. 
Caught this sweet moment during Lena's morning potty break.

So I made the call to go to Fairhope. Elle and I always travels separately from Kenny so he can work. We were having a great trip.  We were about 2 1/2 hours in and Elle was eating and drinking normally and watching movies on her iPad.  She started to complain about her tummy hurting and needing to go potty.  We were on a long two lane stretch with very few gas stations but I was trying to find one.  Then a little burp from her....and my car was covered in throw up.  It.was.awful.  It.was.terrible.  She was just bawling because she felt bad and everything was messy.  I pulled over as another wave hit her.  Yall.  This little episode was no joke.  I had no water, no napkins and about 8 wet wipes.  I had to get creative.  I even called one of my friends and sobbed to her for a minute or two.  Needless to say I managed to get us back in the car.  I decided to keep on to Fairhope because I did not think we could make the three hour trip back to Starkville and Kenny's parents would of been so sad if we cancelled our trip.

Elle fell asleep in her smelly car seat the second we were moving again (poor thing) and we managed to make it to Fairhope.  After getting into the bathtub immediately upon arrival Mrs. Ann was so excited to surprise Elle with her room redo as her birthday surprise. It was completely over the top (in a good way) and Elle absolutely loved it!
Princesses princesses everywhere.  It is only appropriate that your room at Gramma's house be decorated completely in your favorite cartoon characters.

Some more of her goodies!
The excitement on their faces! We do love Sofia.

Tune in tomorrow for the post about our fun Mardi Gras parade night.  I am so glad we decided to still go to Fairhope because after the car craziness she was completely fine the rest of the weekend!

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