Monday, March 24, 2014


On Friday Elle was so excited to have her first swimming lesson.  I don't normally talk to her about things until the second we are getting into the car to go to whatever activity we are going to do. Trust.  It is better this way.  It is just not worth the disappointment.  But these swimming lessons I have been majorly talking this up.  How it is going to be so fun to swim with her teachers at the gym nursery and how she is going to learn to swim like Ariel.  The goal is to have her "swimming" (i.e. not drowning) by our beach trip in a couple months.

 Picture is blurry because she was jumping up and down.
 Okay...maybe getting a little nervous.
The lesson went great.  Nekitta (our teacher) said she had a little bit of a death grip the entire time but seemed really eager to learn and followed instruction well.  
 She looks so unhappy because SHE DID NOT want to get out of the pool.  She wanted to keep swimming and swimming.
 So I bribed her with some popcorn the gym was having for March Madness. That did the trick.

Friday night we drove up to the Country Club for dinner and took Elle to the putting green to play around before we ate.  She had the best time.  Kenny is dying for her to love golf and so far so good.  We don't think she is ready to go out on the course to even just ride around with Kenny yet but she loved going to the putting green and "playing golf."
Checking out Kenny's technique.
Sinking the putt.
 I know this picture was blurry but Elle and I would say "awwwwww" when Kenny missed a putt.  We were having fun.

On Saturday I had a lot of cooking to do.  I was making a dinner to feed 25 Young Life Leaders for Sunday night.  I thought piece of cake but cooking for 25 people is no joke!  Plus if I am going to make a lot of food for other people then I am going to make sure I am cooking for our family at the same time.  I decided to make homemade chocolate chunk cookies for the dessert I was bringing to the leaders.  I inherited my sister's old KitchenAid Mixer and I am loving it.  I thought it would be fun for Elle to help.  So I measured out ALL the ingredients before I got her involved.  That took some serious effort too but we had fun!
 Chocolate chunk cookie ingredients!
 She came in from our backyard where she was playing in her pajamas and her keds naturally to get to baking.  Please please notice that little sliver of hiney crack peeking out from those pajamas.  I die.
It didn't take her long before she realized cookie dough is the  I was hesitant to let her eat it at first but oh well.

Saturday night we went over to a friends house for a cookout with several other couples and their families.  I managed to not take a single picture but we had a great time.

Sunday was spent being totally lazy and delivering all the food. It was a fabulous weekend spent at home.

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