Wednesday, March 19, 2014


After spending the night with Kenny on his "business trip," we met up with some friends at the Jackson Children's Museum.  I have never been to this museum.  It was so cute.  I am extremely impressed with the fact that it is run solely by the Junior League.  Having been a part of the Junior League in Memphis I know what a huge undertaking that is.  The museum was so slammed because the entire state of Mississippi was out on Spring Break.  We made the best of it and still had fun but I definteiely want to come back on a slower day so we can really enjoy it.

Once we were done at the Children's museum we grabbed so me lunch and headed home.  Elle was wiped after the excitement of staying in the hotel and then all the craziness and playing with her friends at the museum.  
Anna Claire giving Elle a big hug as we arrived at the musuem.  Elle looks thrilled. 
Trying my best to get a group shot.  This was the best I could do.
Making a Lorax.Elle loves a good craft.
You wouldn't even know I was trying to get these girls to look at me and smile.
Getting sprayed. Elle loved this.

This picture cracks me up.  We were trying to steer the girls toward the door and we were having meltdown after meltdown.  Elle and Abigail were fighting over the steering wheel.
The car seat is the only place she EVER naps anymore and it is only if she is really tired.  I will take it any day!

It was a pretty low key Spring Break and I think Elle was happy to be back in PDO this week.  She missed her friends and having something to do.  

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