Friday, March 14, 2014


Last weekend was such a great weekend so I had to include an update for memory and picture sake.  Friday afternoon we took Elle to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It wasn't as good as I hoped but it was still kind of cute. I have seen way worse.  I really should write a children's movie because people are obviously going to see every single one of them no matter what. (like us)

After the movie Elle said she wanted mac and cheese.  The child is going to turn into a macaroni noodle. We decided to hit up City Bagel for their pasta nights.  It was a different crowd.  We were the youngest people there by a whole lot of years but the food is so good!
Caught this blurry but sweet moment.  Elle loves her Daddy so much.  

On Saturday my friend Susan came into town to hang out with me.  She and I have been friends for many years now after working 2 feet apart for five years at Morgan Keegan.  Those were the good ol days.  Now she is sort of famous.  Her design company and house portraits made it into the pages of HGTV magazine in the April issue. So excited for her.  Go check her ETSY SITE out and use her for all your stationary and design needs! She is working on our house portrait for a few things I have up my sleeve and I can't wait to see it!
House portraits in the magazine!

Since she had never stepped foot into Starkville I had to show her around. Honestly I centered a lot of her tour around eating.  We started out with lunch at City Bagel before I gave her a tour of campus.  Then we walked through some of the shops downtown before returning home to sip on some beers and enjoy the weather.  Saturday night she and I went to Mexican.  We share an intense love of cheese dip and tequila. After we shut the restaurant down we came home to watch Lena Dunham on SNL and conked out.

Sunday morning was spent having girl bonding (Susan and Elle were fast friends) over coffee before we went and enjoyed a fabulous brunch at Restaurant Tyler. After we stuffed ourselves she hit the road for Memphis.  We were sad to see her go but she better be back.  Not to mention Elle and I already have lunch plans with her in Memphis on Monday to eat at another one of our fave places The Calvary Waffle Shop.  We like to eat apparently.
We didn't get a picture together.  But Elle and Susan posed for one.  Have to be better about taking pictures.
Twirling in the empty dining room.  Table should be here any day now!
Eggs Benedict on a crawfish cake.  Holy yum!

This week we are out of preschool for Spring Break.  Several posts on what we have been up to to come.  But on Monday we met a few friends at the park for a picnic lunch and fresh air.
Enjoying their lunch even though they hardly look happy about it.  You will see in the next few posts that I can't get these girls to smile for a picture ever.  But they are great friends so I feel like I need to include their little friendship in this blog.

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