Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On Good Friday we were invited to one of Elle's sweet friends Emily's birthday party at their farm.  It was an Easter Egg Hunt and even though it was kind of chilly and rainy we still had so much fun.  A lot of Elle's friends from school were there and alot of my friends were there.  Not to mention they were frying catfish fresh from their catfish ponds.  Yum!  It was some of the best catfish I have ever had!
Indulging in some catfish and fixins.

Hunting Easter Eggs. This turned out to be our only official Egg Hunt for this year.  We were supposed to go to our neighborhood's hunt after this party but it got cancelled because of the rain.

When we got home PopPop and Gramma had arrived for a short visit! They had not seen the house yet and were so anxious to come and see it and see Elle of course. Friday night we just grabbed a low key dinner because Elle was so worn out from playing all day.
Playing with PopPop.
Elle and Gramma before we went to breakfast on Saturday morning.

Kenny's parents left shortly after lunch time and we dyed Easter Eggs with Elle.  She really enjoyed doing it this year.  I was a nervous wreck the entire time but it was still fun.
Getting ready to dye.
Dropping them in and stirring them up.
Uh oh this one has a crack.
Admiring her work.

Saturday night we were worn out and knew we had a big Easter morning a head so we ordered pizza and ate together and all went to bed early.

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