Monday, April 14, 2014


What a fantastic Spring Weekend.  If you know anything about Mississippi State then you know that Super Bulldog Weekend is a super big deal.  We were so excited to get to enjoy it this this year because Kenny is always out of town for market.  Market was earlier this year so he was home! We stayed very busy and I had to spend majority of Sunday resting and recovering.  

We started the weekend off with some lunch at one of our favorite places, City Bagel.
Elle wanted to sit on Mommy's lap so I obliged.

Friday night we went to the first baseball game of the series against Ole Miss. With it being such a big weekend there were so many people in town and the game was absolutely slammed.  We normally sit in the chair backs because there is always room but this night we managed to get some great front row seats in the bleachers.  It is a little less relaxing with Elle but we still had lots of fun.  We did not make it for the entire game either.  But it was a great night! Now for some family selfies!
Big cheeses!
Silly faces.
Happy family supporting our Bulldogs!

Saturday morning we got up and got around early thinking we would get to Shipley's donuts and the Cotton District Arts Festival early and beat the crowd. We were dead wrong about beating the crowd.  Every family in Starkville had the same idea but that was okay.  That is my favorite thing about living in a small town.  When you go to events in town you see literally EVERYONE you know.  It is like a big party. So after we decided to just take our donut holes to go, we headed over to the Cotton District. The Junior Auxiliary had a great children's art section which Elle loved so we did that first.
Elle doing a dot flower.
Playing the bongos in the music section.

We walked around the festival for a couple of hours.  I did not really find too much I wanted to buy.  I have seen a lot of the booths and their stuff before. The food selection was amazing.  All of Starkville's restaurants were there and there were bands playing. We just had a good time visiting with friends and looking.  Around noon we headed to Davis Wade for the Maroon and White Spring Preview game. Our Bulldogs look great and I cannot wait for football season.
Sharing a bag of Skittles.

We stayed until halftime before walking back through the Cotton District to our car. We decided to forgo the baseball game that was also happening that afternoon.  But we did set another crowd record for the NCAA and won in the 10th inning! We were all so tired when we got home.  After we put Elle to bed that evening Kenny and I cooked out and went to bed ridiculously early.  I secretly love being old.  

Sunday was spent being lazy at home and all about the Masters.  Per tradition I made Kenny a big batch of egg salad and pimento cheese for sandwiches to snack on.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out if my recipes compare to the real thing because Kenny got to go to two days of Practice Rounds this week!! A major bucket list item!

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