Monday, April 21, 2014


On Thursday night my bible study group hosted a potluck dinner for the International Friendship House.  During the bible study Seven we gathered things that we no longer needed or wanted and brought these items to offer to the internationals that are here in Starkville who might need them. They enjoyed shopping through the things and then we all sat down and shared dinner.  The dinner was so fun. Our group prepared lasagnas, salads and rolls and some desserts.  These wonderful ladies from all over the world prepared these amazing dishes from their native countries.  It took a little culinary bravery but the food was so good and some of it spicy.  I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies.  I sat next to one from Brazil, South Korea and Thailand.  They were able to practice their English and we were able to learn more about them.

After dinner they wanted to have a fashion show of us dressed in their traditional clothing. The clothing was so beautiful. I wore a hijab.  I felt so hot and claustrophobic when I put it on.  But eventually got used to it.
My pretty friend Sara dressed up for the fashion show.

My friend Nancy and I with one of the girls from Iraq I think.
A group of my friends from Bible Study.  

It really was such a fun night.  The International Friendship House is a wonderful place really aiding and helping these families from other countries.  I can only hope I can visit again!

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