Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We haven't had too much going on.  Been buying some goodies for the house and spending time playing outside and playing with friends.  We are loving our new neighborhood and having our friends so close by.  There isn't a whole lot to report so I thought I would just do a quick photo dump update of the last few days!

Bought some new stools for our island.  We found these at this cute new store in Columbus, MS.  I love them!
Also bought this new doormat for our garage door entrance. It is a more casual entrance and reminds me of one of our favorite parts from Frozen.  "Just knock.  Why isn't she knocking? Does she know how to knock?"
One day last week my friend Sara and I decided to go back to the same Columbus store, The Mill to look around again and then we would take the girls to the park.  Sara came to pick me up that morning and I locked Elle and I out of the house. With my car in the garage with the door shut.  And with Kenny out of town.  It really stunk.  We continued on with our day as planned and it was fantastic morning.  Then we came back to Sara's house where Elle and I waited and waited for Kenny to get home.  AND THEN....I broke Sara's family's ipad.  I felt terrible and cried.  But I am insisting on paying for the repairs.  Thankful for good friends for Elle and good friends for me and their very understanding husbands.  It was quite the day.
Elle and Abigail loved this airplane.
 Picnic lunch at the park. It was a beautiful day but sooooo windy.

As if that day wasn't crazy enough we had some friends come in to town that invited us to dinner.  Adam and his wife Lindsay were in town! We haven't seen them in ages.  Adam was Kenny's childhood best friend and the best man in our wedding.  Kenny and Adam grew up across the street from each other.  It was amazing to see them! Even if it was just for a quick dinner!
 Old men!

At  some point last week we had some furniture delivered.  Our dining room chairs and a sleeper sofa for the playroom.  The delivery guys were totally negative about whether the couch would fit up the stairs and that made me a nervous wreck! I needed the couch to fit up there!
 Starting the process.  It took a little bit but it eventually got up there!

Saturday morning Kenny took Elle to their favorite Saturday morning place, Shipleys.  I went to the gym.  Boo.  They had a great time.  We had plans to spend our weekend at the baseball field but rain and a head cold I came down with had us hanging around the house most of the weekend.
 I know I have said this before but goodness we get the best smiles from her at Shipleys!

And this picture is from yesterday.  Elle and I went on a "treasure walk" which pretty much means a walk where we go around and pick all the pretty weed flowers in our neighbors yard and put them in our shopping bag.  She loves it! I love it too because she loves it too and it is a fun way to pass the afternoon time.
Look at that prissy walk.

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