Friday, April 4, 2014


Kenny is off at High Point Furniture market and because I am writing this at a tired moment.  Single parenting is tough tough tough.  I have reached my single parenting limit and I have many days ahead before he returns home!

However, Wednesday night made it all worth it.  Ashley Furniture had their awards banquet and Kenny was awarded the top honor, Marketing Specialist of the Year.  He was so excited and I was so incredibly proud. Doing what he does is not easy and requires so much of his time. He works hard and he deserved this award.  I was only a little sad that I could not be there to see him get the award. There is no way to have wives be there because then the surprise would be spoiled.  But so many of our friends who were there were quick to start texting me and giving me the scoop!
 Kenny with  Ron and Todd Wanek the owners and founders of Ashley Furniture.
 This is Kenny with our good friend Ryan who was also given a prestigious award for his division!

Then on top of the ginormous trophy Kenny received he was also gifted a ring that they give to certain Marketing Specialists who make certain goals.  It is absolutely huge.  The guys don't really wear them a whole lot.  Just to furniture markets and business things.  
 Kenny's monster ring.
It is like a Super Bowl Ring!  Don't start a fight with him.

What an exciting night for Kenny and for our family.  Elle and I are so proud of him.  I cannot wait for him to come home so we can have a proper celebration.

And since I am already blogging I will include a few pictures from our week in Starkville.  We've been busy.I think Elle is missing her Daddy because she begged to come sleep with me in our bed last night.  Which results in me not getting sleep.  Even though she stayed on Kenny's side of the bed and slept well I just don't sleep well if she is in the bed.
But she sure does look sweet.
 Picking flowers as we were leaving open gym at the gymnastics arena.

And then yesterday we had our last swim lesson for a while. We weren't sure if it was going to be our last swim lesson but after the lesson her teacher Mrs. Nekitta and I decided she just wasn't ready. With her not being in the pool since last summer she just is not comfortable enough in the water right now and isn't really wanting to do the things Mrs. Nekitta asks her too.  So as to not waste her time and our money we decided to wait.  She might be too young all together or we might try again later in the summer after we have been at the pool every day. We will see.  Either way I am fine with it.  I don't want to force her at this point and make her hate the water all together and ruin our summer completely.
 She would get so excited about going.  She loved the hot pools at the OCH.
She looks 13 to me in this picture.  Sigh.

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Way to go Kenny!! That's awesome!