Monday, April 7, 2014


With Kenny STILL gone for furniture market Elle and I tried to stay super busy with friends and fun things.  It did not help that the weather this weekend was totally yuck.  But we made the best of it!

Friday afternoon after preschool we met up with one of Elle's friends, Miriam and her family for some sno cones.  This was Elle's first sno cone.  She was pretty meh about it.  But I think we will try again.  When I explained to her what a sno cone was she of course related it back to Elsa making the "sno" in Frozen.
Sno cones with friends.

Friday night we went to Mexican with two sets of friends that also had husbands out of town.  So four three year olds, two five year olds and three mommies.  We were that table but we still had fun and it was nice to get out and socialize.
Elle and Abigail keeping busy with their play packs.
We bribed the kids with jelly beans at the end if they behaved themselves through dinner.  They all really did well but things were a little crazy at jelly bean collection time.

Saturday morning we attended a pancake breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Elle's preschool.  It was so fun because all of her friends and their families were there along with her teachers.  The Easter Bunny happened to be our teacher Mrs. Meg's husband. Elle sat on the Easter Bunny's lap and got really serious.  We got an okay picture and then she cried and that was that.  However, she did love waving at the Easter Bunny when he was walking around the breakfast.  She just did not want to sit on his lap.
Enjoying the breakfast.
They had cute art the children had done that you could donate to the school and receive.  Here is Elle with her sweet art. She was so proud.
Mommy and daughter selfie.  She was being sweet.

After the pancake breakfast we headed to birthday party for our friend Kate at the gymnastics place here.
Elle and Anna Claire
The rest of the weekend we spent playing outside when it wasn't raining, baking cookies, cleaning house and watching movies.  I enjoyed my time with Elle.  I do think she is ready for Daddy to get home though. She might be a little sick of me!
I went and bought Elle this new scooter on Saturday.  It is perfect because it has 3 wheels so it is easier for her to balance. She is loving it!
And this picture is blurry I know but I just love it.  The past few mornings Elle pads down the stairs with her "aah aahs" in hand along with her sweet undies (so I can change her out of her pullup) and says "Good morning mommy!!" It makes my heart so happy.

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