Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Easter Morning we were so anxious to see how Elle would react to the Easter Bunny coming.  We had not really discussed the Easter Bunny all that much but she knew he was coming when she went to bed Saturday night.  Early Saturday morning we heard Elle come down the stairs but she did not come into our room right away.  She was being really quiet so we couldn't really tell what she was up to.  After a while it was the cutest thing.  She comes in and shows me this little board book she wanted so badly from the school book fair the entire time it was there.  The book was way to young for her but it was one of her favorite cartoons and she asked for it countless times.  It made the Easter Bunny's heart happy when she came in carrying that book and was so excited it was in her basket. She was really excited about everything else too!
The Easter Bunny came!
She also remembered the preschool director Mrs. Lucy having one of these chicks at the Easter Breakfast and was so excited to have them in her basket.

After she played with her Easter basket loot I gave her a bath and made her look so pretty and we all got ready for church.  Elle was excited to wear her new dress. We kept her with us at church and ended up having to leave a few minutes before the sermon was over.  She kept talking in a loud whisper and wouldn't settle down.  After leaving church we stopped and picked up fried chicken and sides (a tradition) and came home to enjoy a Easter lunch together as a family.
Twirling in our bathroom.
Elle wouldn't pose with us so this was the best we could do.

The rest of Easter Sunday was spent hiding Easter Eggs and hunting them and playing outside because it was such a beautiful day. Could not have asked for a better Easter weekend.

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