Tuesday, April 15, 2014


For as long as Kenny and I have been together he has wanted to go to Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament. This year furniture market just happened to end as the Masters Practice Rounds were beginning.  Kenny had no choice but to make this bucket list item happen. So after leaving market he headed for Augusta, bough a practice round pass and started living it up!

He arrived Monday morning and the weather was totally yuck. Very rainy.  Kenny was able to stay for a few hours that morning and he loved every second of it.  Then the people in charge decided to make everyone leave for the day and cancelled the practice round for that day.  Kenny was so sad.  He marveled at how beautiful the course was and seeing all the pro players.  And then he had to leave.

I couldn't bear for that to be it for him so we decided to get him a pass for Tuesday too.  He planned to come home Tuesday so he got there bright and early and left mid afternoon to head home after being gone a week and a half. We were so happy to have him home but I am just so thrilled that he was able to fulfill this dream of his of going to the Masters.  He still wants to go to the weekend days one year but like I said yesterday we enjoyed watching all the action on TV. 

Here are some pictures for memories sake.  I will caption the ones that I can ha!
Even on a rainy day the course was beautiful.


Phil Mickelson.  Kenny's favorite player.

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