Monday, October 27, 2014


I know I mentioned how excited I was that we had a couple weekends off from football and I guess I used that as an excuse not to post on this blog too!  Kenny was also out of town for market so that always keeps me busy or going to bed really early.  So here is a just a "what we have been up to" photo dump!

I tell you- we will never ever have an uneventful week while Kenny is at market.  You might remember the last market when Kenny was in Las Vegas I got DEATHLY ill.  This time Elle's school called me while I was at my OBGYN checkup to tell me she was complaining her ear hurt.  By the time I arrived to pick her up at PDO she just fell apart.  She felt terrible! Poor thing!  After a doctors appointment and some prescriptions for her ear infection she rebounded quickly so it wasn't too much of a disasters with Kenny gone.
Sad selfies at the doctors office.
Feeling well enough for dress up.

Wearing our pumpkin dresses for fall!

Then Daddy finally came home and we were just so so so happy to have him home!
Our neighborhood boos getting ready to go out to our neighbors.  I love this kind of stuff!

This past weekend Kenny and I went away for his birthday celebration and for what we kind of considered a baby moon.  Kenny's mom came up to keep Elle at our house.  Elle loves her weekends with Gramma!  Kenny and I left Friday morning for Birmingham.  We had reservations at Ross Bridge Golf Resort.  We love this place and last time we were there in the summer we made plans to return in the fall so Kenny could play the course.  It is a beautiful course and I knew in the fall when the weather was nice it would be really fun to ride with him for a round.  I haven't done that in years! We had so much fun!  I brought a book and did some reading at times and loved watching Kenny play!

Saturday morning on Kenny's birthday we enjoyed the hotel's delicious breakfast and relaxed before we both got massages.  My treat! Saturday afternoon we stayed at the resort for lunch and enjoyed some lunch while we watched Mississippi State play Kentucky.  It wasn't our best game but we still pulled out a W and our Bulldogs are still ranked NUMBER 1!!!!
Look at that form!
We weren't sure we would get a full 18 holes in but we managed to.  The sun was setting and I took this picture of Kenny on the last hole! Happy Birthday Kenny!
Kenny and I took a selfie while we watched the State game! Love him so much and I think I am getting the flat nose from pregnancy.  Oh lord!

While we were living it up in Birmingham, Mrs. Ann and Elle were having a great time in Starkville. They hit up the playground at the country club and went to Chick Fil A for lunch and a movie.  They were staying busy!
Hanging at the bar drinking a Shirley Temple and a snack.

Totally relaxing Saturday on the way to Chick Fil A.  Looking a little like a hot mess!

Kenny and I came home early afternoon and Elle was so incredibly excited because she and Mrs. Ann had baked Kenny a birthday cake.  I made chili and cornbread and we had family dinner and then celebrated with cake and candles.  It  was a great night!  

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