Monday, October 6, 2014


After our last big win against LSU we were on cloud nine! Well things have gotten better than we could of ever dreamed! Mississippi State is ranked number 3!!! Gameday will be HERE in Starkville this Saturday as we face off against Auburn! It is nuts! Our Bulldogs are playing the best they have ever played and it is so much fun to watch!! 

This past weekend we played Texas A&M and were so happy to have a bunch of our friends from Memphis in town.  Elle was thrilled to see her best friends Lizzie and Loftin and their parents were so excited they chose such a fabulous weekend to come in town.  The hype around the game was intense. SEC Nation was here and with a cold front coming through Friday night the weather was the absolute most perfect weather you could ask for.  I was able to wear jeans.  We all needed jackets at times too.  It was glorious! Glorious I tell you!!

Friday morning Kenny and I ran some errands while Elle was at PDO.  We ran into the men's clothing store here and also ran into our Heisman candidate quarterback Dak Prescott.  He was shopping for a swanky game day outfit and was so gracious and nice when we asked for a picture with him.  Kenny and I were so excited!
I was so happy I had showered and we were both wearing our maroon for Maroon Friday.  And you can't miss Walker in my large and charge belly. I plan to frame this picture for his nursery!

Saturday morning we were up super early to get to the tailgate for an 11:00 kickoff.  The kids were so ready.  
Having some cereal before we head out for the Junction.

Once we got to the tailgate we headed over for the Dawg Walk.  The weather was so nice and the day so beautiful that even I felt up to it!
Elle holding Mr. Jay's hand on the way to the Dawg Walk.  She adores him!

Family picture while we waited on the players.
So happy to have our Memphis friends in town!

Once we cheered on the Dawgs and then layed an eye on the SEC Nation production we headed back to the tailgate to enjoy breakfast, the weather and friends! The kids had a ball running around playing and then a lot of our Starkville friends came by too.  With our new tailgate location we are close by to lots of friends which is perfect.  The girls don't get sick of each other because they are together all day but can still visit and play peridocially!
Elle with some of her very good friends.  Addison, Elle, Miriam and Abigail.
And two of my closest Starkville friends, Mary Martha and Sarah
 and mommies to Miriam and Abigail!

Sweet friends taking a stroll.

Then it was time for the ball game! I was a little unsure as to what to expect.  Scared our win against LSU was a fluke but our guys are good.  Really really good!  Elle loves the games but did want to go back to the tailgate some because she wanted to go back and play with all her friends.  We had to explain to her that everyone was at the game and she wasn't missing anything.  Eventually she kind of got it and we had the best time watching the game as a family!
These binoculars or "noculars" as Elle calls them are from a Chick Fil A kids meal and they are the biggest hit! I was so glad I threw them in our bag!
Silly Selfie Session! 

After our win we went back to the tailgate and spent the afternoon snacking on a more lunch and savory snacks and watching the Ole Miss game on tv.  We finally came home from the tailgate around 7 and just relaxed and got the absolutely exhausted kids to bed.

Sunday morning we hit up City Bagel for breakfast and then we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and resting up and just relaxing after the big weekend. It really was the epitome of the perfect football weekend.  And now we are already preparing to do it all over again this coming up weekend!

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