Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last week Kenny spent a couple nights in Jackson for business so one of the nights Elle and I drove down to join him.  We wanted to take Elle to the state fair and there might not be anything else loves more than staying in a hotel. 

Kenny grew up going to the fair as did many people from the Jackson area.  I have only been once before with Kenny in college.  I have to say it isn't my absolute fave.  Especially really pregnant and on a hot afternoon.  But Elle loved it and it was a great night spent as a family.  Family of three.  Starting to cherish these nights more and more. 

The night before I read the book Angelina and the Fair so Elle would kind of have an idea of what a fair is. So naturally upon arriving at the real fair she wanted to ride the ferris wheel first. So that is what we did.  This ferris wheel went a little too fast for my liking and maybe Kenny's too.  We were holding on to Elle for dear life!
Did stop and take a quick picture before we started flying around and around.

After the ferris wheel we stopped for a quick snack of friend oreos.  We all loved them!

Then it was on to the bumper cars.  Kenny and Elle had a ball doing these.  There was a little bit of a scary moment where they hit head on with two cars and it scared Elle a little.  It was a pretty big bump!
Before the ride started.

You can't go to the fair and not eat the really delicious and terrible for you food.  So that is what we did for dinner.  Kenny enjoyed a giant turkey leg, Elle had a slice of pizza and I had some of those curly potato chips with cheese and bacon and chives. Washed it all down with fresh squeezed lemonade! Yum!
Kenny and his giant turkey leg.  He loves these things!
Elle and I took a quick selfie before a carousel ride.  That carousel seemed to go really really fast too.  It was scary.

Elle rode a few more rides with Kenny and by herself before it was time to head home.  It was getting dark and close to bedtime.  We were sad because the fair is the prettiest at night and since we were there in the afternoon Elle did not get to see it.  But as we were leaving all the lights were turning it on and it she saw a little bit of it.

Elle walking with her Daddy.

We planned to get a funnel cake on our way out but were still pretty full.  So we all shared an ice cream cone before calling it a night.  I am not sure the fair will be an annual affair but Elle really did enjoy it so that made it all worth it!

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