Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Like I said I used our break in football to take a break from blogging so another combo weekly update!

And it might not be added immediately but I intend to take a belly pic to add to this post. I haven't done one in a while and this belly needs documenting.  It is so big.  I am kind of terrified of how it could get any bigger over the next six weeks!

How far along 34 Weeks even! My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a pineapple and weights 4.9 lbs and is 19-22 inches.  4.9 lbs is exactly what Elle weighed when we brought her home from being in the NICU after a week.  Knowing that makes me think he could just come on and I would be just fine! But I know he needs to stay in and get ready longer.  Don't want him to come out unless he is ready.  Even though I am very very ready!

Total weight gain/loss? I am not totally sure. I think I am in-between 35-40 lbs.  I know that is more than the recommended 25 lbs.  But, what is there to do about it now.  I will say I am not thrilled with how I look when I see my reflection and I feel like my nose is starting to flatten out but Kenny swears that is in my head.  

Maternity Clothes? Yes and every time I swear I am done ordering anything else I can't help but order a few more shirts.  For one a lot of my stuff is getting a little snug and two inexpensive new clothes make me happy and with how uncomfortable and sleep deprived I am, don't I deserve a little pick me up?

Stretch Marks- No. No stretch marks.

Sleep?Okay.  Here is the thing.  We started putting a gate at the top of the stairs to keep Elle from coming down in the middle of the night and I am happy to announce....SHE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! However, my sleep is terrible.  Terrible. My whole body hurts.  So many aches and pains and getting up to pee every hour.  I will gladly take sleep deprivation from a hungry baby if I can just get rid of the pain.  I just want to be feel well physically again.  If I am not going to sleep then fine.  But no sleep and pain-so over it!

Best Moment Last Week? Spending some time with just Kenny.  I enjoyed getting away for some total relaxation ! I equally enjoyed coming home to Elle.  I miss her so much when we leave her.

Movement? Yes.  Lots of elbow and sharp points and hineys in the air.  You can tell he is running out of room in there.  But the movement is comforting and I won't complain about it.

Food cravings? Not too much.  I am craving fall-ish foods but I really need the weather to cooperate!  It was in the 80's the last two days.  I am very excited that it is supposed to be really chilly for this weekend's football game and we are doing chili and all the fixins for our tailgate food. Should be perfect!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? Not really sure.  I don't think any real labor signs but over the weekend I would start to feel really poorly and get consecutive contractions if I sat in one place too long.

Belly button in/out? Not in.  Not out.  

What I miss? Alcohol, breathing and being pain free.  Oh and being able to wear my shoes and boots.

What I am looking forward to?I am looking forward to some fun Halloween festivities with friends this week.  Elle is going to be a mouse and I can't wait to see her.  It will be adorable.  We also have plans to go trick or treating with a big group in our neighborhood and if I don't die it will be really fun.  Also looking forward to another football weekend against Arkansas now that I have had a little break.

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  The other day she was laying on my stomach/lap and I was telling her that Walker was kicking her because I kept feeling him kick right where she was.  She says she felt it but I can tell when she really feels him and when she is just saying she does.  But at one point her head was kind of on my belly and he kicked her pretty hard.  She sat up and was like "Hey!! He just kicked me!" We both got a good laugh out of it.

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