Monday, October 13, 2014


Well before we could even recuperate from last weekend's game and all the excitement it was time for this weekend's match up against Auburn.  #2 vs. #3! ESPN's Gameday came Starkville for the first time ever and the buzz around the game was crazy.  The amount of people that were descending on Starkville was stressful too. It was insane. We had a very full house of people making it fun and had decided a few weeks ago before we even knew how our season was going to go that we would have a babysitter come get our kids from the tailgate and enjoy some grown up game time.  

We chose the best game to have kids free.  We arrived at the tailgate super early allowing them plenty of time to play, eat and all of us to have fun.  But Elle was pretty pooped by babysitter time and happily went home to play with her friends and the babysitter.  And we were able to watch, nail bite, ring our cowbells, cheer on our Bulldogs on to a victory against Auburn!  It literally was history in the making.  I got goosebumps, and came close to crying so many times.  Then on Sunday to find out that our Bulldogs are ranked #1 in the nation!  #1!!!!!   If you are a State fan you know that this would of never happened in our absolute wildest dreams. It still feels so surreal!!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend!
Elle was being so sweet at the tailgate and giving out lots of love! I love both of these pictures!
My sister came in town for the game and spent the entire weekend with us! I love that Elle is holding my cowbell in this picture.

We were up 21-0 in the first few minutes of the game and sent this picture to my Uncle who has all of a sudden started watching MSU football and giving us some credit!

And after the glorious football weather we had last weekend we had another very hot and muggy weekend this time and a large torrential downpour.  When we got to our seats I was burning up.  So so so hot! I asked Kenny to go get me an empty nacho tray to use as a fan and the concession people told them they would have to charge him $5 for it.  He explained he had a very pregnant wife and they knew me so they tore off this big piece of cardboard for me which was so nice and was actually really awesome.  So Annie snapped this picture of me large and in charge fanning myself with one hand and riniging my cowbell in the other.
  I had to post this funny picture for memories sake!

It was such a fantastic historical weekend and was so much fun.  But I am seriously looking forward to some off weekends.  I think a couple low key weekends will be absolutely wonderful! We need the rest!!

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