Wednesday, October 15, 2014


So life was such a whirlwind last week that I didn't get my update for week 31.  Sad face.  Oh well.  I will just combine last week and this week!

How far along 32 weeks and 1 day.  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a head of lettuce, 19 inches long and weighs 3.9 lbs.  

Total weight gain/loss? Ugg.  Still gaining.  I am starting to get scared of the number.  Just make it stop going up up up! Make it stop! I know I can't make it stop and when I see pictures of myself and marvel at how chubby my face is I just think that this is just a season of life.  That is kind of the difference with the second pregnancy. It is just a season and I know I will get back to where I want to be eventually. Eventually.  

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Ordered some maroon things last week.  Maroon clothing is imperative right now with our life being all about football.  I made sure to order a dress for this past weeks game because I knew it was going to be got and pants for me when it is over 80 is just not an option.

Stretch Marks- No. No stretch marks.

Sleep?Sleep is about the same.  Still terrible but I do think that I am just getting used to less sleep.  I have started to expect Elle to come down at some point and I usually get her back to bed within 20 minutes.  It just depends how fast I actually go back to sleep. Then I expect her to come down to our room again around 5.  And I let her crawl in bed as long as she promises to go back to sleep.  And she does.  I know I will still feel so exhausted when Walker gets here but since my sleep isn't so great anyway I hope that it will all be easier.

Best Moment Last Week? I had a girls night out/dinner with my closest friends in Starkville and they showered Walker and I with some of the sweetest and cutest things.  It was such a fun night!  More in depth post to come!  And then of course getting to tailgate with friends and watching my Bulldogs defeat Auburn and become #1 in the nation.  It is such a fun time to be living in Starkville.
Movement? Yes. Constant movement.  And we have more hiccups now. I can remember Elle getting hiccups all the time but with Walker they didn't seem to be as frequent.  But now I am feeling them more.  My belly is constantly rolling around these days.  My favorite thing is when I feel a body part pop out and I can kind of press it and he will move it!

Food cravings? Honey Crisp red apples.  I don't normally like red apples because they tend to be mushy.  But Honey Crisp apples are crispy and I love them straight out of the fridge.  So good!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? No labor signs.  I have had some painful cramps/contractions but nothing consistent so that is good. And with the contractions I had a couple weeks ago, my doctor has already checked me a couple times so I know I have not progressed any.  I only have a few more progesterone shots too! Eeek! So excited to be done with those.

Belly button in/out? Not in.  Not out.  

What I miss? Still missing my drinks.  Especially when it comes to tailgating and celebrating our big wins! Also being able to breathe. I.can't.breathe.

What I am looking forward to?As fun as football has been I am sooooooooo looking forward to not having football for a couple of weekends.  Texas A&M and Auburn back to back was majorly tough! I am so tired! I am ready for low key weekends and watching the Bulldogs play Kentucky on TV!

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  She finally felt him move in my tummy for real.  She hasn't had the patience to feel him.  But the other morning she crawled into our bed and was snuggling with me and Walker had the hiccups so I knew we were getting some constant movement.  So I took her foot and layed it on my tummy and she felt him with his hiccups.  She was so so so excited.  She said "he's boom boom booming in there! He is getting big! It is almost time for him to come out! Hey Walker!!"  It made my very early morning!

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