Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Starkville hosted a Cookies with Santa event one Sunday morning that coincided with all of Starkville's little shop's Open Houses.  The weather was pretty yucky that morning but we were bound and determined to see Santa and get out and about.

Once I had everyone dressed for Santa we had to take a picture and I could just die from the adoration and love I feel for these two. Elle was excited to see Santa but she was just as excited to take a sweet picture with her brother.
Elle almost 4 and Walker two weeks (for memories sake)
Waiting in line to see Santa
And our meeting went well.  Elle got a little nervous to tell him what she wanted but she did talk to him and smiled for the picture.  Walker slept through the entire thing but still looked perfect for the picture. This is the one we took from our phone. Will add the professional one to our collection of Santa pictures that are displayed with our Christmas decorations.
Elle pleased with her cookie from Santa.  It was pretty tasty.
Walker snoozing at brunch after all the Santa commotion.  I had to go buy this sweet gown the week before because we did not anticipate him being here for Cookies with Santa. We were so happy to have him there though!

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