Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The Bulldog Football team has been holding open practice for the Orange Bowl the last few days and Kenny and Elle have been taking full advantage.  It has been such a blessing that she is at a perfect age to take places and do fun things with.  It allows me to stay home with Walker and get some things done. Not to mention the fabulous bonding time it gives the two of them!

They went to two different practices.  Both were outside and allowed for Elle to run around while Kenny watched some of the plays and listened to the gossip.
 Decked out in their maroon and ready to go watch some Orange Bowl Practice.
 Having fun on the practice field.

Snow Angels in the paint.  Why not?
Just had to include this picture.  After practice Elle helped me make some brownies.  Of course she wanted all the batter licks.
They stopped at Chick Fil A another morning before going to practice.

On Sunday we went to see Santa for lunch.  Elle was so happy to get another chance to tell Santa what she would like from him along with telling him about her elf, Charlie.  Walker got some one on one time with St. Nick too!

Walker sleeping through another visit with Santa.

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