Monday, December 29, 2014


Getting through the Christmas season on no sleep and a newborn is no joke. Getting through the Christmas season when we ALL have a serious cold except for Kenny is even worse.  I am hoping for things to calm down a little once the new year starts.  I did manage to do some festive things with Elle.  So here are some pictures from the week or so leading up to Christmas.

For Elle's preschool class party I made some very simple snowman treats out of powdered donuts.  Of course I got the idea off of Pinterest.  While they were not anything I would care to eat, the kids seemed to enjoy them.
My mom came in town one weekend to let Kenny and I sleep and maybe go on a date.  Unfortunately that is when I came down with my terrible cold and had to spend the entire Saturday in bed.  I was so sad to not be able to take proper advantage of the sleep or the date night.  Elle enjoyed spending time with CeCe though.  They played and put together and decorated a gingerbread train.
Assembling the train.  Elle was already eating the candy.
With the finished product.  

I planned to take Elle to paint ornaments at our pottery place in time to be able to give them as gifts but that just did not happen.  But I still thought it would be fun to do since Elle was out of school.  Elle painted two ornaments and I painted one for Elle's tree from me.  They have already called me to come pick them up so they will manage to get packed away for Christmas next year.
A rare picture that someone else took of Elle and I.  I love my girl.

Later that day I came home and made the sugar cookie dough for us to decorate Santa's cookies.  It had to chill overnight.  Elle was more than happy to clean up my mixer for me.  She managed to lick it clean.  A separate post coming on our cookie decorating!

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