Monday, December 1, 2014


Before I start our holiday oriented posts because I think we will have plenty of those I thought I would do a photo dump post of the lat couple weeks.  We have adjusted to having Walker home pretty well.  He sleeps a lot making it easy enough.  We are waking him up every three hours to feed him and that has us tired but we are managing and we all adore him!  

So here are some pictures!
Kenny had to do a road show for a sleep line that he carries.  He rented a U Haul to carry the product and travel all over the state and Elle was so excited about the idea of Kenny's rental truck.  She just thought the idea of him driving that big old thing was hilarious and was just dying to ride in it.  The first night he had it he got home late but we had promised her a ride and she seriously asked about it all day.  So when he finally got home they headed out for a cruise around the neighborhood.  He even let her drive.  Don't tell the police!

Our family dressed in the appropriate colors on Walker's first Maroon Friday.  I love this picture.

I'm going to call any picture I take like this of Walker with me a snuggle selfie.  Like I have said before I wouldn't be in a lot of pictures without taking them of myself with my children so selfies will have to do! 
Walker had to fight off a pretty serious case of jaundice.  We were extremely close to being admitted but after four days with the billi light we were were good to go. We still managed to get all of the snuggles even with the blanket and cords!
Proud big sister.  She is seriously so attentive and gentle with him.  
Hanging out in Elle's room taking a nap while we played princess. 

The Friday before Elle had the week off for Thanksgiving they hosted a Thanksgiving lunch for the parents.  We are always excited to join Elle at school.  It is so fun to see her with her friends.  She was also excited t show off her new little brother.
Getting ready to dig in. Daddy was on bottle duty.
I look so tired in this picture I realize now. Have to prove I was there though!
Elle and some of her friends performing Let It Go on the gym stage. 

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