Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It is an annual tradition to decorate cookies for Santa.  We usually do this on Christmas Eve.  I am still trying to learn the most fun materials to decorate the cookies with and also the best method.  Each year I learn something new.  This year  I did okay.  I have a friend that makes and sells the most beautiful and delicious cookies and I am thinking about asking her to have a class for some of our friends to teach us cookie decorating 101.  We still had a good time decorating this year!

Kenny is actually the best decorator in our house.  I am always impressed with his cookies and Santa always seems to prefer his too!
The cookie decorating set up.
A family selfie, minus Walker who napped through cookie decorating.
I let Kenny hold the camera this time. This one was a little better.

Sneaking a cookie mid decorating.
The cookies that made the Santa cut.  The snowman is the most professional and that one was Kenny's.  It was another fun year of cookie decorating.  Elle thought it was so neat that Santa ate her Christmas cookies!

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