Wednesday, December 3, 2014


We planend to host Thanksgiving from the beginning because I planned to be very pregnant and we did not want to do any traveling.  It was a bonus to have Walker to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  Kenny's parents and my mom and sister all arrived Wednesday evening.  We just ordered pizzas for dinner that night and relaxed!
Elle ran into the corner of our island and immediately had a black eye.  This was right after it happened and it only got worse as the time went by.  Its been almost a week and we are still sporting a little black eye.

Thanksgiving morning I got dressed and then made a big breakfast for us all to eat while we watched the parade.  We usually make a good breakfast and then snack on dips throughout the day and then do the big meal for dinner. The Macy's Thanksgivng Day parade is my second most favorite thing about the holiday after the food.  I was a little sad because Elle wasn't too into it yet.  But I will convert her in the coming years.  I did however get lots of Walker snuggles.  He did not watch too much of either.
My sister's friend made all the NICU babies these hats and made one for Walker too.  It was so cute!  
Walker with his CeCe.
Nannee getting in on the niece and nephew love. I love how Elle is looking at Walker in this one.
Kenny snoozing with Walker. 
Gramma with Elle and Walker on Thanksgiving morning.

That evening we were ready for the big meal! Although I hosted my mom did most of the cooking.  I only had to make the mashed potatoes and the green bean casserole.  My mom handled the turkey and the stuffing and the gravy and my sister always does the pies.
The table all ready for the meal.
My dining room having an identity crisis.  I went ahead and put our trees up the day before thanksgiving to have it done.

We had a great Thanksgiving and were so happy to be able to spend it with both of our families.  I feel like we are already full throttle into Christmas.  Christmas tree and decorations post to come soon!

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Stephanie said...

mallory…your new house it beautiful! Your dining room looks magazine worthy!! I loved catching up on your blog!