Tuesday, March 3, 2015


So the weather men had been talking about snow in the forecast for what seemed like two weeks! They had already cancelled school for Wednesday by Tuesday afternoon so I casually mentioned that it might snow to Elle thinking she would not care.  I was wrong.  She cared! She even prayed for snow during our prayer that night!

We woke up the next morning and...rain.  Yucky freezing cold rain.  Elle was so sad.  And we were stuck in the house with Elle looking out the window wishing and still praying for snow.
Walker wanted to be held of course. So we just kind of snuggled down.

As the day progressed the rain turned to sleet and we started to get a good covering of ice and ice pellets. A few times we even got some flakes and we would run to put on our coats and by the time we got outside it was gone.  Even more heartbreaking!

But then it came! And to our delight it was sticking and piling up (for us) fast! So you can bet we got out there and played int it! Elle was so excited! Elle liked it but like me doesn't totally do well when she is cold! So we were in and out a lot!

We did takes Walker out in it once! 
I don't think he cared much.  This picture cracks us up!
Everyone in our neighborhood was riding their golf carts around 
on the icy roads and turning doughnuts and doing wheelies. 
Our friend Craig took Elle for a small ride.  
This was the first time we got a good snowfall in the new house.  It looks so pretty all lit up and cozy.
Made sure to get Lena in on the action.  She did not really care for it either. Old girl!

By the end of the day Elle was worn out from the anticipation and then all the playing and excitement.  But as it was getting dark she insisted on going back out to make snow angels.  She claimed to have seen Lambie and Chilly do it on Doc McStuffins.  And I guess she was telling the truth because she for sure knew how to do a good snow angel! She must of done eight of them. Then she was freezing and soaking wet and sat in front of our fire for almost an hour to get warm.
Doing her snow angels!

And of course what is a proper snow day without some delicious hot chocolate! I googled a recipe and made it with unsweetened cocao powder,sugar, vanilla and milk.  Then added a ton of marshmallows.  It was really really good! Elle had fun helping me!

Enjoying our hot cocoa!

You might be wondering where our snow man is?  Well we had to wait for snow to accumulate so tune in tomorrow for a post about our wonderful snow lady named Abigail!

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