Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Our very relaxing beach trip continued with some cloudy days.  But that was okay. We still managed to get some beach time and used the rest of the time to do some light shopping and window shopping and walks and just spending time together.  So still lots of fun! There was one day that was pretty cloudy and we did not go to the beach at all that day but the next day was Friday and our last day there before we headed home on Saturday.  So when we woke up on Friday even though the weather was supposed to be the most dismal all week we were bound and determined to get out to that beach so Elle would get just a little more time. We didn't want her to be sad! It was very windy and pretty cold so Walker and I headed back in after an hour or so.  He had had enough but Elle and Kenny got a good three hours in.  So mission accomplished!!

Here are some pictures from the last few days of our Spring Break vacay.
Walker taking a nap on the beach.  Yea right! This last about five minutes until he wanted me to hold him while he napped.  Oh well!
One day(I think our second full day there) it was sunny so we spent most of the day at the beach.  It was pure heaven.  I packed us a lunch and we had the best time.  Elle loves a picnic.  Sandy sandwiches and all!
I love this pictures so much! I love how she is laying on her stomach trying to dig in that hole!

One morning I booked Kenny a massage at the Seaside Spa to treat him after he let me go off to Atlanta for the girls weekend.  While he was there Elle, Walker and I went for a walk and to the playground.  It was the most adorable playground.
Love this picture of my sweet girl!
Kenny met us at the playground and then we walked home as it started to sprinkle.
Since it was starting to rain we decided to ride over to Alys Beach and go to our absolute favorite lunch place! George's! Elle enjoyed some ice cream and caramel sauce for dessert.
The boys at George's!

That evening we grabbed some Mexican food from Bud N Alleys taco stand and some margaritas and  took it over to the amphitheater and sat at one of the picnic tables and let Elle played while we relaxed and ate.  That is something we have discovered about vacationing with kids.  It is not fun for kids to go out to dinner at all.  At least at the age they are at right now. So we don't go out out to eat all that much.  But we will go get seafood to go or do something like this to make it fun for Elle.  And it was.  It allowed Kenny and I enjoy each other and Elle had a blast! 
While Elle played with Kenny, Walker and I took some selfies.

This was that last cold morning.  They were having the best time.  She would stand right there and he would yank her up over the waves! So cute to watch.

We found this adorable 30A children's book that has lots of the spots that we see all the time.  Elle recognized this one immediately in the book so we stopped to take a picture in front of it.  I think I might tape it into the inside of the book.

No beach trip would be complete without a stop at Duckies and sitting on this duck.
The last night after we went to dinner at Great Southern we stopped and got the hugest slices of cake at Modica and Elle and Kenny both wanted chocolate.  Two peas in a pod.

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