Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Well after our exciting day of waiting for the snow and then playing in it while it fell we were all worn out.  But Elle was still up bright and early ready to play! The forecast was saying it was going to warm up and the sun was already starting to peek out so we knew if we were going to make those snow man dreams a reality then we had to get moving!
On this morning I made sure to bundle Elle a little bit better!  
I thought she looked adorable in her boots and jacket!
She is so funny.  She wants to go out and play in it but then she gets cold.  
So she kind of stands there. 

But then we got to building.  Our neighbors who have three boys had already built a very respectable snow man in their front yard so we couldn't be outdone.  When you only have a couple inches of snow though it can be a little difficult. We even had to come inside mid-build to warm up. We are so southern.
Building the bottom.  In my opinion the hardest part.
And of course Walker was not having being left inside in the warm house.  
So I bundled him too and out he went with me.

Our snow man went from a man to a lady when Kenny's baseball hat did not fit her head.  But my Kentucky Derby sun hat from last year fit great. Then she got a pink scarf, some wooden bead buttons, a wine cork for a nose and I fashioned some luscious lips and big glue eyes out of construction paper.  We were all very pleased with how she came out!  When we asked Elle what she wanted to name her the answer was Abigail, after her best friend.
Picture time! We were so proud of Snow Lady Abigail!

I love how you can tell we used every bit of snow in that area to make our Abigail!  And then the rest of it melted away quickly.  By the end of the day all the snow was pretty much gone but as you drove through the neighborhood all that was left were all the children's snowmen.  We went out of town this past weekend and when we got home Abigail was completely gone.  The wet scarf was left in our yard in a heap.  We will miss you Abigail!

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Looks like so much fun!!! You got to have fun before it started to melt :)
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