Monday, March 30, 2015


We were happy to spend the weekend at home.  We had big plans to be at Dudy Noble Field all weekend but I guess winter wanted to have one final hooray and it was freezing on Saturday and the kids both already had runny noses so we decided to find other things to do. Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at First Methodist where Elle goes to school.  It was so cold outside they moved the hunt inside but Elle still had lots of fun hunting eggs.
Waiting for the hunt to start.
They had Elle's age group in the fellowship hall.  Ever since she was little she has been a very timid egg hunter.  But after seeing some of the other kids get crazy she got a little quicker her in her egg gathering.  Sweet girl.
Tongue out in concentration.  That is a momma trait!
Starting to pick it up.

Enjoying a cookie after the hunt.

We left the church and met up with some friends to play and have a early lunch at Chick Fil A. After that we headed home to play.  Elle and I spent the afternoon pretending to bake egg muffins and coloring. After Easter Egg Hunts Elle always likes to have our own hunts at home.  She hides, I find then vice versa.
Egg Muffins yum!
Cuddling with Lena.
Cuddling with Walker after a bottle.
That night we had some friends over to grill out and watch March Madness.  Literally as they were arriving Walker started feeling terrible.  Wouldn't take his bottle and screaming.  He seemed like he was in so much pain and wouldn't let anyone put him down. Margaret especially enjoyed his pitiful little cuddles.

As everyone was getting ready to leave and Walker wasn't feeling any better and would not let me put him down to sleep in his crib.  I was worried he had a horrible double ear infection and we were going to be up all night.  So I decided to take him to the ER to be seen since we were going to be awake anyway and rather than sit at the walk in clinic the next day.  Thank goodness the ER was totally dead and we were only there from start to finish like an hour and a half.  Total Godsend.  He did not have a ear infection.  He has some sort of virus that was hurting his little tummy we concluded.  He was so sad.  We got home around midnight.

On Sunday, Walker was still feeling pretty bad so Kenny took Elle out for a lunch date and for ice cream before going to play golf that afternoon. Today Walker seems to be feeling much better which I am so thankful for!

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Chelsea said...

Oh noo.. I hope that he feels better. They is such a bad virus going around. My little one just had it and an ear infection it is not fun.. Happy Monday