Monday, March 16, 2015


I was absent from blogging all last week because I was away for some planned and some totally spur of the moment getaways. My best friend from college, Susan had a little girl a month before me and throughout our pregnancy we would talk about how once we had the babies we would have a girls spa getaway.  She has a little three year old boy too so we both have our hands full. So a girls weekend was exactly what we needed.  She is currently living in Charlotte, NC (although she is about to move back to Seattle) and Atlanta is smack in the middle of Charlotte and Starkville.  We checked into the Four Seasons and immediately hit up the hotel bar for some catching up, people watching and amazing cocktails! We then went out for a casual dinner where we had some amazing pizza at a place called Antico.
The next day, we ordered room service for breakfast and drank mimosa we hit up the spa for most of the day and it was so incredible.  Oh my gosh! We were so relaxed! We had this awesome two hour treatment and then we had the entire nail suite to ourselves while we received Moroccan oil manicures and pedicures and listened to the nail girl talk to us about all the famous people she has worked on.  After we left the spa we went back to the room and ordered more room service for snacks and crawled into our beds and watched a movie.  We are total moms because laying in bed and watching a movie is a vacation! That night we went out for a delicious dinner and came back to get into bed. Ha! It truly was an amazing weekend spent with a friend and I we both said we were ready to go home and be mommies again!

I came home Sunday and the coming up week Elle was going to be out for Spring Break so Kenny and I decided at the last minute to take a trip down to the beach!  The weather has been so cold and gloomy we desperately needed some sunshine.  Although the forecast wasn't looking so hot for the beach either!

We decided to leave Monday afternoon and stop halfway which gave me a small amount of time to pack but I managed to get it all done! While we were loading the car my friend Kelly drove by with some of the girls in the neighborhood and Elle hopped on and went cruising!
Caroline, Kelly's niece (not sure of her name), Brooklyn, Piper and Elle

About an hour into the trip I decided we should got to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  We stopped at one in Mobile and we were so disappointed.  Food was terrible, service was terrible.  It was all terrible. So sad! Because it is the ultimate road trip stop.

Walker hanging out in the hotel we stayed at in Pensacola.

The next morning we rode over to Seaside in hopes we could check into our cottage early because the sun was actually shining that day and we wanted to get to the beach pronto!
Our little cottage.  It was on Savannah street maybe three streets over from Seaside square and we loved being so close.  We normally rent a larger house in Seagrove about a mile down the road.

We immediately suited up and headed down to the beach.  This was Walker's first time and of course Elle is an old pro now. Walker was lulled to sleep fairly easily by the ocean waves.  He is a white noise addict.  He has a noise machine and so does Elle.  
Relaxing to the sounds of the ocean.
Hanging out with mommy while ole and Daddy played and built sand castles.

Walker taking a killer nap with Kenny on the beach. 
Oh my gosh this picture! One of my favorites.  His sweet little smirk and cheeks and chubby legs. Eeeeek!
The next morning we were there.  It was sort of cloudy so we hit up our favorite coffee shop and then went over to Modica for breakfast and their famous fresh squeezed mimosas! The we sat and just relaxed and let Elle play in the amphitheatre and took a short walk.  One of her favorite things to do and it was such a wonderful and relaxing morning.
Waiting on Daddy to bring out the breakfast.
Fun in the amphitheater.
Walker is not amused. My new hashtag on Instagram for these types of pictures because he makes the funniest unamused faces.
Snoozing on our walk.

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