Monday, March 9, 2015


Oh Walker! Month four has been an amazing one! He has become so much more in tune with the world around him.  He is smiling and giggling and have discovered his hands and his voice. I am enjoying him so much! He is sleeping pretty well and sleeping has made all the different in every one's attitudes around here!  He enjoys playing on his play mat and still loves his mobile on his swing.  He hates the bumbo so we introduced the Fisher Price sit and play and he likes that much better. He is still much more needy than Elle was but we are starting to get used to that.  All in all month four was a four one! Here are a few pictures from Month 4!
 Sweet picture with Gramma!
 I love Elle's face in this one.  You can just tell she is baby talking him!
 Ha! Covered up with children!
 My sweet smiley boy!

 Aunt Tracy came to meet him and get some cuddles.

This is how I get ready these days. Rocking with one foot the entire time.
I am completely convinced he already knows what the camera phone is.  I have so many videos where he will be doing something so cute and I'll whip out the phone to get it on video and he will stop the second her sees my pink phone. Ugg!  These are his unamused pictures.

 She was so excited I put him in the Sit N Play the first time.  She took to entertaining him immediately and he loves watching her be silly.
Elle and I spent a snow day morning decorating this princess accessory kit which was so much fun but she thought Walker needed to wear her crown.  I am afraid he has a long life ahead of wearing girly things at the insistence of his sister.

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Chelsea said...

He is so adorable :) Love it!! Looks like he is growing so big and is so cute!! Enjoy this time with him