Monday, April 13, 2015


Majority of this post will be about weekend spent together outside and watching the Masters golf tournament but first, this! This! This a salamander and it was in our bedroom! We had ten Cspire guys working at our house that day and leaving doors open.  After they left Kenny went into our bedroom and heard something scurry! Scurry! He called out for me and told me there was a big lizard in our room.  Big was an understatement.  This thing was huge.  He had a broom that he quickly corralled it towards the door but then Lena came in right at that moment and scared it back under the bed.  Then we couldn't find it and pure pandemonium. I was screaming bloody murder. Kenny was cussing up a storm and Walker was crying because I was screaming.  It was quite the scene.  Finally Kenny captured it and got it outside where it was pretty stunned.  Then it was disposed of.  There was no chance it was coming back in our house.  The way this thing slithered around still gives me literal goosebumps and nightmares.
 The rest of our weekend was absolutely wonderful.  We went to Anthony's with some friends and then back to over to one of their houses where we just hung out by their outside fireplace all night way too late into the night.  It was so fun.

Saturday was so incredibly beautiful.  Perfect temperature and the sun was out.  Kenny took Elle to the golf course most of the morning and then we headed outside in the backyard to play and watch the Masters inn the porch. Our whole neighborhood was out and about doing the same thing we were so when one of Elle's friends walked by with her family I invited her over for an impromptu play date.  They had a great time playing and eating popsicles!
 Elle and Kate

Sunday morning we went to church and then came home to enjoy egg salad sandwiches and watch the tournament.  I have made egg salad for at least the past five years for the Masters.  I usually make pimento and cheese too.  We were both surprised that Elle seemed to enjoy the egg salad too because I do not really care for it.
Egg salad sandwich please! 

Kenny made a quick one night trip to a Masters practice round on Tuesday and came back with outfits for everyone and a couple happys for me too!  I made sure everyone got garbed out and we were cheering on Phil Mickelson because he had made an aggressive run. But Jordan Spieth was just too hard to catch!
 Cuddling with brother.  Watching the Masters.

 Walker with Daddy during his first tournament!
 Everyone wearing their duds.

Sunday afternoon our family was invited to a neighbor's dog's birthday party.  He was turning one.  So I took Elle and she was thrilled by the idea.  The party was lots of fun with doggy themed games and cake and ice cream.  Elle didn't want to leave, of course she never wants to leave anywhere.
 Elle and Addison at Miles the dog's birthday party.
Sweet smile with his Daddy who he adores.
And the cutie patootie winner of the Masters Jordan Spieth. Can't help but cheer for him!

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