Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We had a pretty low key Easter Weekend but managed to be very busy on Easter Sunday.  We did dye Easter Eggs with Elle one afternoon while Walker napped but I do not think I got any pictures of it. But never fear I managed to get a ton of sweet pictures on Sunday so here we are for a humungous photo dump.

The Easter Bunny hopped on by our house Saturday evening after Elle and Walker were asleep.  Walker got lots of baby essentials and a sweet bunny and Elle got Easter Candy and a few small toys  and then a bubble machine for both of them to enjoy.
Easter Bunny loot.

Once we were dressed in our fancy frocks it was time for some picture taking!
Walker in his sweet duds.
Elle in her Easter dress.
Already missing a shoe but Elle was loving on him so sweetly.

Sweet picture with Daddy.  Love that hand on his shoulder.

After church and a wonderful sermon we headed to the Country Club for lunch with friends.  Where we also managed to get a family picture!  We need more pictures of the four of us together!

After going home for a rest we went back to the Country Club for their Easter Egg Hunt.  The hunt was a lot of fun and Elle had a good many friends there so we ended up playing for a while and visiting with friends and then they grilled hotdogs for the kids.  It wa a lot of fun but Elle was totally wiped as were we by the end of the day!
Elle with a little friend of hers named Jane.

Waiting on the hunt to start.

Oh my goodness another family picture!

Our good friends the Smithermans were there and Elle and Abigail were having the sweetest afternoon.  Sometimes they fight like sisters but on this day they were having the best time together. And letting us take pictures!

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