Wednesday, April 8, 2015


This past weekend the weather was beautiful and finally had some free time to go watch the Bulldogs play some baseball.  I actually did not take very many pictures but since this was Walker's first baseball game I felt a small post documenting this occasion was nessary.  The game started at two so we gave Walker a bottle and then headed out.  It was a little chilly so we wrapped Walker in a blanket and he was so content to just hang out with Kenny holding him. Elle was just so happy to be there watching the game and eating popcorn.  When we told her we were going to the game she said, "Oh boy! Walker there will be popcorn there!" Just like her Daddy!
Sweet children with their Daddy.
Walker with his Daddy at his first baseball game.

And these other two pictures have nothing to do with baseball but I just wanted to include them for memories sake.
Walker always holds my hands in some way when I feed him a bottle and I love it.  
I always want to remember this.
I turned around one day to see these two like this.  

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