Monday, April 27, 2015


I have been waiting for Elle to be old enough to take her to do something I really enjoy. A little girly pampering.  Manicures and pedicures! Gramma has been wanting to take her for a while and I have told her that I wanted to take her the first time and with Gramma Camp coming up I thought I would go ahead and take her so Gramma can take her too.  Elle and I had had the sweetest morning together!

I made her and I appointments at our day spa in Starkville.  I don't always go to the spa for my manis and pedis here and she won't either but for her first time I wanted to go somewhere where they would be kind and sweet to her and make her feel like the special little girl I think she is.  I truly was so excited to do this with her and she was too.

When we got there they asked what her favorite color was and she told them purple so when we went in they had already picked out a cute lavender color for her fingernails.  Perfect for a little girl.  Not too grown up. Elle was so happy.  She tends to get really serious in these types of situations but she actually did not get too serious and was being really excited and sweet.
So excited to be getting her manicure.  She was really good at sitting really still.
Showing off her purple nails.  She has shown every person she has encountered 
er purple nails since then.

Next up was the pedicure treatment.  By this time she was having a blast.  Her legs weren't long enough to reach the tub but we let her stand and in the warm bubble water for a while and gave her tootsies a good soak.

For the color on her toes she chose a light pink that had sparkle in it.  It was really pretty and she was just as pleased with that sparkly pink as she was with the purple.

Once Elle was done it was my turn.  I would of liked to not have to make her wait on me but I had a function that I had to go to that night and my feet desperately needed a pedicure.  So I got Elle comfy with a snack and the iPad and she was an angel while I got some pampering too.  She was really into what the lady was doing to me. Asked lots of questions and liked hearing all the funny names of the polishes.
After I was done we got a couple of pictures together for memories sake.  Such a sweet morning!
Pretty fingernails and toes! I love having a little girl!
We headed to Chick Fil A for some lunch (Elle's request) after the spa. We were really hungry and enjoyed some quality conversation and ice cream cones before heading home.  I love this little so hard and incredibly much!
Kenny enjoyed a great morning with Walker at home.  Walker was being especially layed back with his Daddy and Kenny says the hung out on the couch watching Kenny's favorite cop show Blue Bloods.
Love my handsome boys a whole lot too!

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Chelsea said...

I love this!! I can't wait to have mornings out with my little one.. What a special time :)