Thursday, April 9, 2015


Today Walker is 5 months old!  Time is really started to move and the days are flying by.  I think I said this last month but sleep has made the time go by faster and our family is finally adjusting to having two children...I think.  Month 5 was a big month for Walker.  It held a lot of firsts!  Some milestones like rolling both ways, sleeping on his belly and grabbing toys.  Then  it was Walker's first time to the beach, first Easter, first baseball game to the gym nursery where I work out and to the church nursery.

He is still eating every three hours a day and around 6-7 oz per bottle.  He is sleeping 7-7 on most nights sometimes he sleeps a little later and some mornings it is a little earlier.  He loves to hear himself talk and sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and I hear him babbling to himself and then he just goes back to sleep. So funny.  We are working on getting better naps.  Having to unwsaddle and him being able to roll has messed us up a little because sometimes he gets mad once he is on his tummy until he can get his hand up to self soothe. He takes awesome naps in the car seat so I do admit to just moving him from the car a good bit inside and letting him snooze!

He had another cold this month that was a pretty tough one.  Had a few sleepless nights and he refused to be put down.  We even had him sleeping in the swing in our room a couple of nights.  Having him in the same room prevents me from ever really falling asleep.  Yuck! But we are over it and looking forward to summer!

Here are some pictures from Walker's fifth month.  Some are new and some I have already posted before!
On our way down to the beach we stopped in Pensacola and were upgraded to a two bedroom suite which was awesome! So Kenny and I got a room, Elle got a room and then Walker slept in his pack n play in the den part.  Walker was so happy to be out of the car he didn't care.  He was having the best time just chilling on our bed!

Walker's first snooze on the beach.  I can't say if he really like the beach or not because he did not really get to experience a whole lot of it. Hopefully when we go back in a couple of months he will be ready to play!
One of my favorite pictures of Walker so far.
Sweet baby.  Another nap on the beach.
Hanging with Daddy at George's.
I like this one because he is looking up at me like "My mom is so crazy."
All swaddled up and ready for bed.  I will miss our swaddle!
Laughing in his sleep. 
First time to wear shoes. Wasn't sure what to think.

My absolute favorite picture of Walker and I.  Can't wait to get my Groovebook so I can frame it!
Taking a quick bath in Elle's bathtub hence all the toys!
I started taking Walker to the gym with me a few weeks ago.  This is Mrs. Lisa and I must of taken this picture while she was talking but every single day after my step class I come to get Walker and this is how I find him.  Sound asleep. He loves to snuggle on her shoulder.  She loves it too!

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