Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Kenny has been gone for a very very very long time for furniture market.  Okay for a week but when you are home with two kids for that long it feels like an eternity.  And sadly this past weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend.  So lots of fun stuff I wanted to do, things I wanted to do with the kids, shifts I had to work with Junior Auxiliary and a to do list of things I wanted to do around the house.  Naturally, I called for reinforcement.  Mom/CeCe to the rescue!

Friday morning, we dropped Elle off at preschool and then went to gym with Walker for a little while.  After the gym we went by the co-op to pick  up some more flowers for a major potting session and then to pick Elle up.  CeCe promised Elle she wouldn't start potting without her helper.  So once we were home we started planting even though the weather was totally gross. Elle isn't a get dirty kind of girl but she loves doing this kind of stuff with CeCe and manages to get really dirty!
Mixing the soil and surveying the plants.
Getting one finger dirty.
Getting our hands dirty now too.

Walker hung around and surveyed.  

And the finished product! We hung some big pretty ferns on the front porch along with some pots next to our door.  We are steadily looking for two perfect rocking chairs for the front porch!

And back porch! New herb boxes and pretty potted flowers. We also planted some wildflower seeds in one pot that we are going to let grow so Elle can pick them whenever she wants to. Also in our backyards future, a fence!

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