Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Saturday was such a fun day.  Spring Scrimmage for football, baseball games and Cotton District Arts Festival. Also known as Super Bulldog Weekend.  My sister also came in town the Friday evening before so we could all go together and so she could get some quality time with her niece and nephew. Saturday morning we headed down to the Cotton District. We walked through the booths and straight to the Junior Auxiliary kids area where they have different booths where kids can do arts and crafts.  It is super fun and we wanted to do that first for Elle in case the weather didn't hold out.
Elle and my friend Kristen doing spin art.
You see everyone you know at the festival.  I mean everyone! So we snapped a 
couple pictures with our friend! Elle and Anna Claire!
Mommy friends and preschool besties!
Enjoying some baked goods from the local coffee shop and taking a breather!
Then we decided we need a piece of chocolate covered bacon.  We are not wrong.  
It was so amazing.  I instantly wanted another piece!
Elle would never ever turn her nose up at bacon.  This stuff was exceptionally good though!
While we were snacking Walker and Elle were people watching and drinking a bottle. 
Walker wasn't too amused.

After stopping in some of the artists' booths we went to campus and into the stadium for the spring scrimmage game.  Elle was so excited to see Dak!  We had our stroller so we ended up sitting on the very front row.  It was kind of neat to sit that close since we sit higher up. I couldn't tell you for one second how the Bulldogs looked but it was a lot of fun and we took lots of cute pictures!
CeCe and Elle
Sister and a grumpy sleepy baby.  No really.  He looks really grumpy.
And oh my goodness I am dying at this picture now because I think that guy behind us was making that face on purpose and I did not realize it until this very moment!
This was Walker's first time out of the womb at Davis Wade Stadium.  I do feel like he was so very present for the most memorable Bulldog football season of ALL time and who knows what is to come for us and his life as a Bulldog.

After the kids were totally pooped, Mom and Annie took them home and I worked a few hours at the JA Art Village and then came home and was totally exhausted!  We put the kids to bed, ordered sushi take out and watched Fixer Upper before going to bed early ourselves.  It was a jam packed day!

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