Friday, November 20, 2015


On Thursday Kenny and I were invited to come to Elle's class for her Thanksgiving Feast.  I love any excuse to come to Elle's school.  I love seeing her with her friends and her teachers and their little world.  All the parents signed up to bring some part of the feast.  I brought green beans and also a chicken nugget platter for the kids in case they preferred that over turkey.

Once we were there the kids sang some songs for us.  They were all dressed in their Indian head dresses and had decorated shirts to look like Indian costumes.  They all had Indian names that Mrs. Suzanne helped them come up with.  Elle's name was Snow Cloud.  I have no idea where she came up with that.

After they sang and we prayed everyone helped themselves.  The feast was delicious and we were so happy to enjoy it with Elle.  After ate and had dessert the kids all went outside to play.  It was such a pretty day and all the parents watched them play and visited and then we left so the kids could finish their day at school.

Here are some pictures from our fun morning feasting!
When I first got there Mrs. Suzanne was reading all the indians a book.  
Elle was so excited I was there.  Look at that smile.
Little Snow Cloud
Singing the parents some songs.

Daddy and Elle
Elle and Mommy

There were some Thanksgiving props nearby and we had the best time with them!

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