Monday, November 30, 2015


What a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  Elle and Walker were out of school all week.  We took them to Tupelo one day and met up with some friends another day before the actual Thanksgiving Day.  

On Thanksgiving we woke up and got dressed.  Elle wanted to get dressed quickly that morning.  Then we hung around and relaxed and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Elle is finally starting to show a little more enthusiasm about the parade.  It is one of my top favorite things about the holiday.  Annie got into town right as the parade was beginning and I was glad she was there to watch it with us.  My mom got into town about an hour after that.  
Elle and Walker were having some sweet moments playing together.

Elle getting some cuddles with Nannee.

Early afternoon Kenny's parents got in to town from Fairhope and the whole gang was here.  We spent the afternoon together as a family watching football, playing with the kids, taking golf cart rides and getting the food all together for the meal.
Elle and Walker with Gramma
CeCe and Walker playing with some of our favorite toys.
Sitting down for our Thanksgiving feast.
Walker enjoying his first real Thanksgiving meal.  He was only a few weeks old last year.
Kenny getting some kisses.

Walker with his PopPop
Enjoying some dessert with Daddy.

Before bed Elle snuggled up with me to watch Christmas movies.  We were both worn out but I offered to scratch her arm to get her to sit with me and ate up the cuddles.

The next morning Kenny's parents got up and headed back to Fairhope around lunch, My mom, sister and I did a bunch a stuff around my house that needed to get done and also decorated Walker and Elle's trees.  They were the last two to get done. I was waiting to do them because I decided on each of their themes and my mom collected lots of ornaments for each of them.  Elle's tree theme is angels and Walker's is modes of transportation.  Pictures to come soon!  That night Kenny sent me, my mom and my sister to see Mockingjay and the movie was awesome!
Elle unwrapping her tree ornaments.  Never mind the Victoria's Secret bag.  
Nothing came from there.
Just had to include this picture because it is so funny to me.  Walker can get 
really mad about things sometimes!

Annie had to leave Saturday morning although she intended to stay.  The person who was supposed to be dog sitting flaked on her so she wasn't able to go to the Egg Bowl with us.  But tune in tomorrow for the Egg Bowl post! We had lots of fun!

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