Thursday, November 5, 2015


One more quick post about Halloween.  It was an extremely rainy weekend.  When Monday came around I told Kenny that we did not leave the house one time outside of walking our neighborhood for Trick or Treating.  Kenny played in a golf tournament on Saturday morning so we had a lazy morning at home where we played in our pajamas, baked cookies and got the house clean so we could have Margaret and Jay over for Halloween night.
I ran downstairs for something and came back up to find that Walker had spilled my coffee and was doing the breath stroke in it.  Ay yi yi.
Elle after changing into her Halloween costume for the day of Halloween 
helped me make some cookies.
Mr. Craig and Aunt Ava came over with Halloween cupcakes for Elle and Walker.  They were loving watching Walker eat his cupcake up.

The rain literally stopped at 5:30 on the dot just in time to go Trick or Treating.  I made a big pot of chili for when we got home and Jay and Margaret came over to give out candy at our house while we went from house to house.
Walker and Jay cheesing up.

We took the golf cart trick or treating so Walker could ride and Elle was having the best time.  She did wipe out at one house as she was running.  The driveway was slippery and she was excited.  She hit the ground so hard and her candy went flying out of her bucket.  This was the only time she fell but I saw every kid we knew wipe out at some point in the night.  Wet ground and darkness will do that to you.  Elle got lots of candy and we saw a lot of our friends out and about. It was a low key night and lots of fun.
Elle walking up to one of the decorated houses in the neighborhood.
Walker and me goofing off on the golf cart.

After we trick or treated we came home and ate chili together and then Elle was ready for bed.  She was worn out! The next morning she was ready to go through all her candy loot! I will say she doesn't really care about candy too much.  She hasn't even asked to eat any of it.  That responsibility seems to be going to Mommy and Daddy.
Going through her candy.

Hanging out with brother. Messy hair and runny noses.

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