Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This past weekend Mississippi State geared up and played Alabama.  We had big hopes of winning but and that did not happen. The game was a 2:30 kickoff my personal fave kickoff time. The weather was amazing so we still had a great time tailgating all morning and afternoon and taking Elle to the game.

Friday morning we were all decked out in our Maroon for Maroon Friday.  Minus Elle who they really should let wear Maroon on game weekends.  We attempted to get a family picture before we all went our separate ways that morning.
Happy Maroon Friday from the Laceys.
Walker is completely obsessed with Kenny's computer so anytime Kenny sits at the coffee table and works he attracts a curious little boy.  I thought they looked so cute in the maroon and they were chatting to each other.  
Dude high five!

As I have mentioned before I take Elle for a treat every Friday to celebrate the end of the week.  This past Friday we braved the crazy game traffic and went for a cookie at Insomnia. She picked a very melted and gooey chocolate cookie.
Enjoying her messy cookie!

Despite the result of the game it was one of the more fun days of tailgating.  Elle was excited to wear her cheerleading uniform and to cheer on the Bulldogs.  She also loves the part of the game where they play Don't Stop Believing and everyone waves their phones around.
Elle with two of her good friends- Mary Kenway, Elle and Abigail
Me with two of my close friends Sarah and Christina
Our core tailgate crew for the last two seasons.  The girls were not feeling the picture. 
I took this picture when we were walking up to the ramp to the game.  These two 
are just too much sometimes.
The family ringing our bells!

The boys being lazy the Sunday morning after game day.  Bottles in the bed are the best!

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