Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Elle had a lot of fun celebrating fall and Halloween at her school.  She is loving school and I am happy that it seemed to be the right decision for her.  She is learning so much, making lots of new friends and Pre-K at Starkville Academy still has lots of good clean play. I was able to accompany her and her class to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and she was so happy to have me there.  I love how excited she gets when I come to things at her school.  She is a big Daddy's girl but it sure does make me feel loved when she gives me so much affection.

The day before the field trip I found out she was supposed to wear jeans.  Whoops.  We have never worn jeans and don't own any. I borrowed some from some friends on the fly.  We put them on the morning of with her boots and she looked so cute.  But we quickly realized that they were going to slide right of her little bitty frame. So next closest thing we had was jeggings.  We might of been making the leggings are not pants mistake but she still looked cute and was raring to go!
Looking so so so cute in her jeans!
Hanging out with her friend Olivia.
Her two favorite boys in her class- Sam and Will.
Elle and Violet on the hayride.  Violet is her new little friend that just moved here.
Ready to ride off in the barrels. Another pumpkin patch fave!
Our attempt at a class picture.  This was honestly the best we got.  At least Elle is sort of looking.

Playing in the corn with Ruby.
Picking out a pumpkin to take home with her class.
Elle with her pumpkin.

This past Friday I was able to come to Elle's class for her Halloween party.  I made mummy hotdogs for the occasion.  Before they ate all their treats they bobbed for apples and played relay games with skeleton hands and eyeballs. Spooky!  Elle again was so excited for me to be there and I was excited to be there with her too.
Eating her apple she bobbed for and getting ready for relay games.
Sitting down to all her fun treats.

After they ate they played mummies.  She made me into a mummy and then I made her into one with toilet.  It was silly and fun!

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