Monday, November 2, 2015


I am a little behind because we have been busy with lots of Halloween activities. On Thursday of Halloween week we met up with some of our closest friends for Trick or Treat on the Row.  This is my favorite event even over actual Halloween.  I love being on campus and seeing all the houses. You see lots of people you know and the kids get a lot of candy and it is just a fun evening.

This Halloween Elle wanted to go as Elsa.  Specifically she wanted to wear her Elsa dress that lights up and plays music.  We had one of those but it wasn't working so I ordered her a new one.  Then last minute we had a light bulb moment and realized that Walker HAD to be her Olaf.  So we took advantage of our prime and ordered his costume the week of Halloween. I am so glad we did because they were such a cute pair!
Elsa and Olaf loving on each other.
The best picture I got of them together before we left!
Solo shot of Elsa.

We headed over to campus to meet up with our friends.  I took the wagon so Walker could enjoy a ride and not have to be carried.  
Getting ready to trick or treat!
Elle with her good friend Miriam as Rapunzel
Walker and Gracie ready to go in the Walker.  Gracie is Miriam's little sister.
The entire group before ready to go! Love all these sweet girls.
Annie, Abigail, Miriam and Elle
Elle with Cinderella at the Zeta house.
I like to always get a picture of Elle in front of the Chi Omega house.  I also always point out the window of my room to her.
This picture makes me laugh because Abigail was messing with Walker's carrot nose.
Elle and Abigail who flip flopped their costumes from last year.  Elle was a mouse last year and Abigail was Elsa and now this year they switched. So funny!
We ran into some more of our good good friends, Ella and Audrey.
Walker started to get a little sleepy.  I think it was because he couldn't really see with his costume on. I took his little hat part off and he perked up.
Elle in front of her Daddy's fraternity house.
And Walker too.  Please note that hippy handing out candy and that lady standing in the door is the same house cook that was there when Kenny was in school.
Kenny was driving home from Jackson on this afternoon but managed to pull into town and find us just to say hello.  Elle was thrilled to see him!
After we were done and walking back to our cars we ran 
into some more of our friends Emily and Caroline.
I posted this picture on Instagram.  It is a comparison from last year to this year.  Elle and Abigail have lost their baby faces and the group picture has three additional little brothers and sisters.  I love reminiscing.

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