Tuesday, December 1, 2015


On Saturday we were amped up for the big game! The Egg Bowl! At the beginning of the week we weren't sure how the weather was going to turn out.  The weather has been awful during some of the Egg Bowls in the past years.  Freezing cold and raining.  We had to leave the game last time it was in Starkville because Elle told us she could not longer feel her feet.  Strangely enough this Saturday was abnormally warm. So we decided to move ahead with tailgating plans.  I am so grateful that our game day babysitter came back in town to keep Walker! While we cannot wait to take him to games it just wouldn't be any fun for him or for us.
Elle was super proud of herself and picked out her own outfit for the day.  I was encouraging her to wear her smocked dress for the last game of the season but she insisted on dressing like a teenager instead.  She has been doing that lately.  I love it and hate it at the same time!
Before we headed out some maroon family pictures were in order.  
We are standing in front of our Mississippi State tree but you can't see it.  

We got to the tailgate and set it all up.  We did some catered sandwiches this time and I enjoyed not having the hassle of making and bringing a whole lot of food.  Kenny was deadset on going to the Dawg Walk for Dak's last game and my mom had never been to one so she wanted to go too.  We couldn't get Elle to leave her friends at the tailgate though.  She was having too much fun playing!
Dan's last Dawg Walk with Kenny.
Here comes the team!
Mom's first Dawg Walk ever!
Elle did come see us to fix herself a plate.  

Soon enough it was game time!  I was a ball of nerves but excited! We went in early to see all the kick off stuff plus it was senior night and we wanted to watch all of them run out.
We snapped this somewhat blurry pic with our faves the Cooks before we went in.
Elle, like always, made us so incredibly proud ringing her cowbell and cheering on the team! 
Snapped this picture of Kenny ringing his too and I love it!
Kenny had to sit in front of us for this game so we got a picture of the girls!

Well the outcome of the game just wasn't what we wanted.  We were so sloppy the first quarter and Ole Miss ran over us for a little while.  We did improve and tried to come back.  We could of used one more quarter.  The final score was close but it wasn't really a close game.  Sad for our Dawgs and sad for Dak to have not won his last game at home.  But it was still such a fun day and night.  We don't have any plans to attend the bowl game but will be cheering them on wherever we are for sure!

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