Friday, January 1, 2016


Phew! I cannot believe it!  It is January 1 and this will be my last post about 2015.  What a great and exhausting year it has been!  A couple days after Christmas we left Starkville and drove down to Fairhope to celebrate Christmas with Kenny's parents and spend the New Year's Holiday in Fairhope.

When we got to Fairhope we unloaded our car and our gifts from Gramma and Pop Pop.  After we unwound a little from our drive we settled in for another round of Christmas!  
Walker showed a little more interest in opening a gift.  He still preferred to eat the paper though.
Not eyeing the gift.  Eyeing the paper.
In his happy place.  Paper!
Gramma and Pop Pop got Elle some really cute things.
Mrs. Ann had set up an entire table full of little musical things with snow and lights and Elle had the best time playing with everything and playing all the songs while we were there for our visit.

The next day Mrs. Ann took Elle out for a girls day.  They went for manicures and pedicures, lunch and then went to this really great toy store that Fairhope.  Kenny and I went out for a coffee date and some shopping and were happy to take Walker along with us.  It was pouring down rain but we still managed to get in all of our favorite stores and do some shopping. We came home that afternoon to let Walker nap and watch the Bulldogs play NC State in our bowl game.  The Bulldogs played amazing and Dak had a fabulous last game.  We are so sad to see him leave Mississippi State but are so proud for him to enter the draft.  I cried happy and sad tears all at the same time as the clock ticked down on the game.  It has been amazing living in Starkville during his time here on our football team.
Elle and Gramma getting their nails done.  I am sure Elle was trying to be really still 
and that is why she isn't smiling in this picture.
Elle soaking her toes.
Love you Dak!

That night (the night before New Year's Eve) Kenny and I went out for a really nice dinner date to celebrate the year end together.  We went to The Wash House.  A restaurant that we have been meaning to try for a while.  It was wonderful and we toasted to a great year together and went over our goals for the upcoming year.  We always do this. We like to talk about our favorite moments from the year and then what we can do for each other to make the new year better!  

On New Year's Eve Mrs. Ann took Elle to lunch and a movie so Kenny and I took Walker with us to run a few errands before coming home to watch bowl games. I really do not like New Year's Eve so I am completely fine not doing a single thing.  We ordered pizza and put the kids to bed.  I went to bed at 10:30 once  I could tell that Alabama was going to beat Michigan really badly.  I did kind of pause to not stay up until midnight just to kiss Kenny and ring in the New Year with him but ultimately it wasn't worth being really really tired on New Year's Day.  I always have to drive home while Kenny works and our kids wake up at 6 so to bed we went!  
Putting Walker to bed already in my pajamas on New Year's Eve at 6 PM.
I did this thing for Instagram where it generates 9 pictures from the past year.  
This was mine.  I liked it.  Showed a little bit of everything.

On New Years Day morning we woke up and piled in to the car for our drive home.  We always enjoy being away but are always happy to be home too.
Walker getting in some hugs right before we left.  We always wait to the last minute to get him dressed for the day hence the no clothes.

Elle was sad about leaving Gramma.
Snuggled up watching the Cinderella musical that Santa brought her in her stocking.
Elle digging in her purse where she packed her baby doll's things. Kenny was cracking up and took this picture because he said she looked like me always digging through my purse.

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