Thursday, January 21, 2016


Saturday morning I made a big breakfast and then everyone head home.  We wanted to have a low key day at home because we were taking Elle to Memphis the next day and needed her to be well rested. It turned out to be the perfect idea because Elle was excited to play with all her new presents so it was such a relaxing day spent together.  Elle spent majority going between her dollhouse, her new vet clinic and then getting different arts and craft kits out from her friends presents.  She was also thrilled that her butterfly face paint had help up through the night and was excited to sport it all day!
Moving furniture around in her dollhouse.

Family effort putting together Doc's Vet Clinic.

Painting with one of her crafts she received as a gift.

On Sunday we arrange for a babysitter to keep Walker at home and we left early for Memphis with Elle.  We had tickets to go see Matilda at the Orpheum. I saw Matilda a couple years ago in New York after it won the Tony and was dying for Elle to see it!  We were so excited! The week before I showed her clips of some of the songs from the musical and we also bought the movie.  She was a little worried Mrs. Trunchbull was going to be scary because in the movie there are some suspenseful scenes.  But Mrs. Trunchbull is more funny than scary in the play!

Before the play we hit up our favorite pre-theatre lunch spot, Aldos!  Last time we came here before Newsies Kenny and I had the stomach bug and didn't eat very much.  This time we were able to actually order some of the delicious food.  And Elle was excited to play with the pizza dough like she always is!
Selfie with my theater buddy!
These two! Twins!
Silly faces!
Kisses from Daddy.  He was making sure to get some serious loving 
because he was leaving for market the next morning!
Our tradition of thing a picture in front of the poster continues!
Waiting on it to start!

Elle really enjoyed the play.  She was a little antsy for the Newsies so that is why we wanted her to be well rested for Matilda.  She was very into the whole thing.  Sat very still and paid lots of attention.  I love when she gets into them. I just love sharing this with her because I love them so much!  I can only hope she grows up and continues to want to go with us to see the plays! 

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