Friday, January 1, 2016


Christmas morning was just our family of four and quiet and relaxed.  It was really nice. Elle actually slept until a decent time for our house.  Which was 6:30, our normal time of getting up.  We got Walker up and Elle ran in to see what Santa brought her. She was thrilled to see everything she had asked for and some wrapped presents from Mommy and Daddy. Walker could not of cared less.  He actually crawled off to see play with one of his old toys that we keep in the kitchen area for a while.  It is okay.  We know he is just little and his time will come where he is just as pumped as Elle was this year.
Elle with her new Doc McStuffins doll and the Doc McStuffins Clinic she asked Santa for.
This picture makes me laugh.  Not sure what to think and only looks half awake.

After they looked at all their Santa presents they opened up their presents from us.
Elle in action ripping open a gift.
The only picture I got of Walker opening a gift.  Because he didn't really open anything.  He is more into the paper right now which he tears apart and then eats.

Kenny and I also exchanged our stockings.  We decided to only do stockings this year.  We just don't want for too much and had also planned to do some shopping in Fairhope.  So just stockings was perfect!
A totally rough picture of Kenny and me but I am posting because it is the only picture 
we are in Christmas morning!

After presents I made a big breakfast and we just relaxed and the kids played with their new toys. My mom and sister arrived mid-morning bringing lots of gifts and to celebrate the rest of the day with us! We all opened presents for a while it monsooned outside. And I mean poured.  The roads flooded in our neighborhood. It was kind of bad. We took a break midway of opening gifts to have a good lunch.  My mom brought a ham and I made some mashed potatoes and other sides.  Then opened some more presents.  The kids had the best time playing with everything they received and I was thrilled because my mom gave me a roomba! It was the only thing I asked for! It has not disappointed! We named her Rosie after the robot from the Jetsons.

That evening we got the kids squeaky clean.  (Clean out of the bath babies are my favorite) and we watched Christmas movies and played with more toys.  It was a wonderful Christmas Day and Christmas night.

Elle and Kenny building a house with her new magformers.  Those blocks are so fun!

The next morning we hung out and were lazy.  Played more with new toys and watched the Taylor Swift concert on iTunes. That afternoon, Kenny sent me and my mom and my sister to the movies and we saw Joy with Jennifer Lawrence.  I love Jennifer Lawrence and thought the movie was fabulous.  After the movie my sister headed back to Memphis so my mom was so nice and offered to put the kids to bed and let me and Kenny go to a movie together.  I know! Two movies in one day for me! We saw Concussion with Will Smith and it was great too!
Nannee and Elle building a tower out of blocks!

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